Why We Love CFMoto® ATVs for the Summer

The CForce and ZForce each boast over 500 pounds of towing capacity. Each series features an independent front suspension and engages 4WD when needed. 

The UForce series is another good option for an easily maneuverable ATV.

All three utilize CVTech clutching systems, similar yet different from belt-drive systems used by other ATVs manufacturers. These models also include disc brakes and are considered some of the most powerful in their category. A simple search for a CFMoto® dealer near me will lead you to Johnny K’s Powersports. 

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CFMoto® is one of the most popular ATV brands in the world, and they’re known for their high-quality machines. Their lineup includes everything from entry-level ATVs to professional off-road racing machines. CFMoto® has been working hard to expand its lineup with new models designed to fit any budget or lifestyle.

CFMOTO ATV Models For Sale

The CFMoto® 2022 is an excellent example of this. It’s designed to be a midsize ATV that can take on just about any terrain you can throw at it while remaining affordable enough for anyone to enjoy. This is why we love this machine so much here at Johnny K’s Powersports; we get to ride it every day!

We wanted to give you more insight into why we love this machine so much, so here are a few reasons we think 2022 is perfect for your summer fun:

4WD With Lockable Front Differential

Whether you’re looking for a utility vehicle or an off-roader with more performance capabilities, CFMoto® has you with its wide range of ATVs. The 2022 Series offers powerful engines and four-wheel drive to get you through any terrain while maintaining impressive performance on the road. The 2022 Series also has a lockable front differential for added traction and control when off-roading.

Independent Suspension

The independent suspension allows each wheel to move independently for better handling over rough terrain or hard braking on paved surfaces.

Digital Display

The digital display shows speedometer, odometer, and tachometer readings so you can monitor your vehicle’s performance while driving in different conditions.

CVTech Clutching

Although you may not think about it daily, your clutch is integral to your ATV’s operation. It allows you to engage and disengage gears as necessary, which helps to ensure smooth operation and prevent damage from excessive wear and tear. CVTech ensures flawless performance at all times.

Approximately Ten Inches of Ground Clearance

When it comes to off-roading prowess, ground clearance matters! Ground clearance refers to the height between your ATV tires’ bottom and the ground beneath them. The more ground clearance your vehicle has, the more easily it can navigate rough terrain without getting stuck or damaged. CVTech offers models with approximately ten inches of ground clearance (or more) so that you can easily take on challenging terrains!

Measured Braking

CFMoto® has developed an innovative braking system for all of its vehicles. The measured braking system allows for superior control and better performance. There is no longer any need for a hand brake or rear brake, as this feature will give you complete control over your vehicle while riding off-road.

Dual Brake Light Design

The dual brake light design on these machines allows for greater visibility when driving at night or in low light conditions. This is especially important when going through wooded areas where it is difficult to see other vehicles around you!

Engine Side Panels

The engine side panels on these machines are made from a lightweight material that helps reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency! These panels also help keep debris out of your oil filter, which leads to longer-lasting engines that don’t require constant maintenance!

Rear Cargo Box

The rear cargo box is a great place to store your gear and other items you need for your ride. It also doubles as a platform for additional storage space for other items such as small coolers or bags of snacks.

Johnny K’s Powersports

If you’re a hunter, outdoorsman, or need a showpiece for your property or business, then the CFMoto® is for you. The CFMoto® takes off-roading to a new level that has yet to be matched by any other off-road machine. Go forth and take over the wild with the help of these well-built, powerful, and indestructible pieces of machinery.

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