Where to Turn for Off-Road Motorcycles

At Johnny K’s Powersports, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of all Powersports enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a touring motorcycle or a new dirt bike, you’ll find what you’re looking for to improve your experience.

When most people think of motorcycles, they envision a Harley Davidson roaring down Main Street in suburban Cleveland. When people think of off-road motorcycles, they usually think only of dirt bikes that aren’t street legal. However, we have all different kinds of off-road motorcycles, and many of them are street legal, dual-sports motorcycles.

We wanted to put together a guide to off-road motorcycles so you can have a good sense of all the options available to you. By continuing to browse our inventory, we hope you’ll find an off-road motorcycle that will improve your experience on the road and help you dominate the trails.


The Basics of Off-Road Motorcycles

Far lighter than touring bikes yet incredibly powerful, off-road motorcycles are the backbone of most competitive Powersports and provide millions of Americans an amazing form of outdoor recreation. Motocross bikes, Enduro bikes, Dual Sports bikes, and traditional dirt bikes can all transform your riding experience. Everyone has different needs, so finding the right off-road motorcycle depends on your experience level and whether you’re looking for flexibility or pure racing power.

Motocross Bikes

The most lightweight of all off-road motorcycles, motocross bikes were originally built for short, off-road races. Professional riders use these bikes in a number of off-road competitions, including the FIM Motocross World Championship. Freestyle and Supermoto competitors also use motocross bikes, so if you’ve watched the X Games, you’ve likely seen one of these motorcycles. With throttle body fuel injection, these bikes all feature the modern technology that professionals trust to win races. With primarily single-cylinder engines, these bikes boast impressive speed for their weight.

Enduro Bikes

Enduro motorcycles have larger fuel tanks than motocross bikes. That’s because they’re used in enduro competitions, or long-distance, off-road races. Enduro motorcycles often closely resemble motocross bikes, but because they’re engineered for longer distances, these motorcycles are naturally larger and heavier. While motocross bikes are typically single-cylinder, enduro motorcycles are traditionally two-cylinder. Sometimes, enduro motorcycles are street legal, though they’re built more for racing than traveling substantial distances on roads.

Dual Sport

Enduro bikes can be dual-sport bikes—the KTM 690 Enduro is a great example, as it is a powerful off-road vehicle that is also street legal. Dual sports motorcycles are some of the best off-road motorcycles for riders who want to be able to travel long distances on the highway to get to their favorite off-road spots. While they vary in the distance they can travel on a single tank of fuel, all of these bikes are street legal, making them incredibly versatile for beginners and experienced riders alike.


The Best Brands

KTM continues to lead the way in off-road motorcycles—their Enduro line has led the industry for years, and we’re not surprised. Today, most brands at least offer adventure bikes that ride well in off-road settings. Known mostly for their street bikes, BMW also has an adventure model you can find in our showroom. Besides Indian Motorcycles, a classic touring brand, all of our brands offer off-road motorcycles.

For example, we carry Kawasaki motocross bikes and traditional dirt bikes, and we’re proud to offer Honda dual-sport and adventure bikes as well. While KTM has always led the industry and been the choice for experienced riders, we think our Kawaski and Honda models can improve your experience as lower-cost options that are still very high-quality. After all, these are among the world’s most trusted brands.


What We Offer

We’re proud to offer these high-quality off-road motorcycles. As the KTM Motorcycle Dealer Cleveland trusts, we’re proud to help you be “ready to race” as KTM’s slogan says. Plus, we have a substantial new, and pre-owned inventory of other high-quality brands as well. Whether you’re looking for a lean, single-cylinder motocross bike or a dual-sport, we’ve got you covered.

Our team has one goal: to help you improve your experience on the road and on the trails. By continuing to browse our inventory online or in-store, we know you’ll find an off-road motorcycle you’ll like. Whether you’re in Cleveland, Niles, or Lodi, we’re ready to serve you, so stop by one of our showrooms to learn more about our new and pre-owned inventory.