Tige Boats 101

Tige boats are some of the most popular trailer boats ever, and they come in many different models and price ranges so that you can choose the right boat for your needs. This review will focus on the history of Tige boats, one of their more popular models, the 22VX, and how the durability compares to other Tige models.

History of Tige Boats

Tige Boats have been at the forefront of boating for several years. They’re focused on manufacturing a versatile, unique boat and aimed directly at the customers’ needs and wants. This focus has allowed Tige to innovate, unlike any other manufacturer.

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So, What Makes Tige Different?

Tige Boats has always been about family, and their culture is built around their customers and what they are looking for! When you become a part of the Tige Family, you get to experience a fantastic community of owners who love to be out on the water as much as you do.

This lifestyle is not only embraced by Tige owners but also by the team at Tige Boats. Tige’s team loves coming to work each day because they’re creating something special for their customers. At Tige, they’re inspired by innovation and driven by design, focusing on building boats that riders want to ride in every environment imaginable.

Popular Tige Boats

Tige boats are the ultimate in watersports fun, and the most popular boats at Johnny K’s Powersports are Tige boats. If you want to enjoy water skiing in style, with a smooth ride and fabulous look, Tige boats are the best choice for you.

Our Tige boats are available in many different models and styles, so we have an excellent selection for you to choose from. We also have many used Tige boats for sale, so you’re sure to find one that is both affordable and perfect for your needs.

Tige Boats 101

The Durability of Tige Boats

There are plenty of reasons to buy Tige boats from Johnny K’s Powersports, but one of the most important is durability. Our customers spend a lot of money on their boats, and there’s nothing worse than having that investment ruined by poor design or shoddy construction.

That’s why we only sell top-quality products from trusted manufacturers — in this case, Tige Boats. Tige has been building some of the best watercraft since 1991, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Tige’s philosophy is simple: to create the most innovative boats on the planet. That’s why their boats feature industry-leading innovations like the ConvexV hull and TigéTouch control systems that let you customize your ride however you see fit.

Tigé Boats are built to last, and the result is a boat that will stand up to any punishment you throw at it, year in and year out. Our customers also love Tige Boats for their versatility. Johnny K’s Powersports has new and used Tige boats for sale.

Begin Your Tige Boat Experience Now

Johnny K’s Powersports has Tige boats for sale. That’s because we believe in providing expert advice on the models that will be best for you and your family. We carry the most popular boat brands! Stop by our dealership today or contact us online with any questions or concerns you may have about our products or services.