The KTM Motorcycle Dealer Ohio Trusts

As Ohio’s best KTM dealer, we’ve always maintained that KTM manufactures some of the highest-quality off-road and adventure bikes around. If you’re looking to upgrade your ride in time for some fall fun, stop by the KTM motorcycle dealer Ohio trusts: Johnny K’s Powersports. 

Today, we wanted to put together an overview of some of the best KTM bikes in our inventory right now. As always, finding the right bike isn’t always easy, but here at Johnny K’s, we can help. Our experienced customer representatives can guide you through the entire buying process from start to finish and help you choose a bike that will meet your needs. 

If any of these bikes catch your eye, stop by the KTM motorcycle dealer Ohio riders trust: Johnny K’s Powersports. We’ll help you shred the trails on a new KTM this fall. 

KTM Off-Road Bikes

KTM has always been known for their award-winning off-road vehicles. Professional riders trust these bikes to win every year, and after you take one for a test ride, you’ll understand why. 

We know that kids love dirt bikes, and that’s why KTM designed the 65 SX. Originally introduced in the late 1990s, this bike has been trusted by young riders and parents alike for decades. As KTM explains, it can do a lot of the same things a full dirt bike can do, but it’s smaller in size for younger riders. For a larger version for older riders, consider the 85 SX, a favorite of competitive youth riders. 

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If you’re looking for a full-sized KTM motorcycle for sale, the SX 350 is a great option. This bike has been used professionally since 2010 and remains a favorite of some of the world’s best riders. The XC 250 is another great option. 

At the KTM motorcycle dealer Ohio riders trust, you’ll find that all our KTM vehicles are both affordable and durable. You won’t be disappointed. 

Adventure Bikes

While KTM has always been known for making some of the world’s best off-road motorcycles, they make some great street legal vehicles as well. 

When it comes to adventure bikes, the KTM Adventure 890 remains a great option for all sorts of riders. Because it’s street legal and can handle off-road terrain, this is one of the most versatile motorcycles in our inventory. This lightweight bike has a sporty design and an incredibly durable engine. Plus, the TFT display will give you all the data you need on longer rides. 

The KTM Motorcycle Dealer Ohio Riders Trust

Before Johnny K’s became popular, riders in our area would say, “I wish I could find a KTM dealer near me that I could count on.” 

Now, things have changed, and we’re proud of it! KTM is one of the world’s best manufacturers of off-road motorcycles, and we’re incredibly pleased that we can bring these outstanding bikes to riders across Ohio. Our feeling has always been that riders in our community deserve the same bikes as the pros. We’ve delivered on that with our outstanding KTM inventory. 

If you’re interested in one of our durable KTM off-road bikes, or a versatile KTM dual-sport, stop by today to learn more about these impressive machines. We promise that once you take one for a test ride, you won’t be disappointed. 

Come to the KTM motorcycle dealer Ohio riders trust for sales, service, and more to find your dream KTM bike!