Stop by the Best Polaris Dealership in Cleveland

Your local Polaris dealership in Cleveland offers the widest selection of Polaris ATV vehicles in the market. And with the new year already in order, it’s time for you (or the Powersports enthusiast in your life) to get out there on the trail on a new Polaris ATV in Ohio.

At Johnny K’s Powersports we are happy to tell you about some of the amazing, industry-leading Polaris ATV models on the market right now.


As the industry’s number one adventure side-by-side off-road vehicle, the Polaris General is ready to help you and your family explore new frontiers. You can come alive wherever the Polaris General takes you.

On the 2022 models, you are guaranteed a smooth ride with best-in-class suspension, unrivaled cargo capacity, and comfort. No matter how you share your off-road adventures, the 2022 Polaris General is ready to take you there.

Polaris ATV vehicles

We offer the widest selection of General ATVs in the Cleveland area with 2-seat and 4-seat options that offer up to 100-horsepower, 12.25” of suspension, and 12” ground clearance. Once you get your hands on a General, you will be unstoppable on every journey.

With the new General 2022 models, you are also equipped with a 600lb capacity cargo box, a 1,280 lb payload capacity, and a machine that can effortlessly tow up to 1,500 lb.

The Impressive scrambler

As the best Polaris dealership in Cleveland, we’re proud to bring the Scrambler to our area.

The 2022 Scramblers are built for pure performance. It is the perfect ATV to get you going on your next mud or cross-country trail. Starting at $11,600, it is the perfect ATV if you’re just getting immersed in sports ATVs.

The Scrambler’s design improves rider mobility, comfort, and control with a narrow cockpit and wider floorboards. On the 2022 models, riders can expect a powerful 78 horsepower, on-demand all-wheel drive, independent rear suspension, race-inspired handlebars, and just under 12” of ground clearance.

Riders who have already gotten their hands on a new scrambler have already praised its amazing throttle response and power and are ready to buy more Polaris ATVs for their loved ones.


The amazing thing about Johnny K’s Powersports is that we have all of these amazing Powersport vehicles in stock at our showroom and on-sale online. From the moment you walk into our shop, you will be greeted with an amazing customer service team that is ready to answer any and all questions related to purchasing a Polaris ATV in Ohio. That’s what makes us the Polaris Dealership in Cleveland riders trust.

At every step of the purchasing process, we have your back. We know how tedious it can get looking through listings on eBay or Craigslist trying to figure out what’s the best deal you can get on a new or pre-owned Polaris ATV.

At Johnny K’s even when you leave our showroom you can count on us for any and all maintenance questions, too.

So, if you’re ready to make 2022 the year when you deepen your love for Powersports or help out the adrenaline junkie in your life, stop by Johnny K’s Powersports today.