Service Tips and Tricks from BMW Motorcycles Dealers in Cleveland

Here at Johnny K’s, we think BMW motorcycles are special. We know you agree–countless riders tell us every day that they want to make sure their bikes live as long as possible. As proud BMW motorcycles dealers in Cleveland, we want to support you long after you purchase a bike from us. That’s why today, we’re sharing our guide–as well as some tips and tricks–for motorcycle service. 

Before we opened Johnny K’s, we were concerned that too many dealers are quick to sell you a motorcycle, but didn’t offer the follow-up care and service you and your bike deserve. Our commitment to helping you with everything from service to accessories sets us apart from other BMW motorcycles shops in Cleveland

So if you’re looking for a dealership you can trust with sales, service, and more, stop by Johnny K’s today. And in the meantime, check out our guide to vehicle service!

Service Overview

As the BMW motorcycle dealers Ohio riders trust, we help hundreds of riders with regular and specialized service every year. Here are some key elements to be aware of when you’re planning vehicle service. 

Regular oil changes are the simplest–and one of the most important–things you can do to extend your motorcycle’s life. To check the oil, remove the dipstick and see if the oil is black or needs to be topped off. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual, or ask a service professional, to determine how often you should change the oil. When you change the oil, it’s usually a good idea to replace the oil filter as well. Of course, our service team at Johnny K’s can help you with all of this and more. 

Oil isn’t your bike’s only fluid. It’s important to monitor coolant and brake line fluid as well. Those fluids could need to be flushed or topped off. Depending on your bike’s drive system, you should also pay attention to sprockets and belts to monitor for cracks and wear. And as any rider will tell you, valve adjustments are a vital part of regular maintenance. For these more complex service tasks, many of our customers prefer to turn to a professional. As BMW motorcycles dealers in Cleveland, we can help!

While you might turn to BMW motorcycle shops in Cleveland for more complicated service, even newer riders can handle some maintenance. For example, all riders should regularly check tire pressure, monitor tire tread for wear, and be on the lookout for nails and other foreign objects that might be stuck in your tires. Most riders are comfortable changing and refilling tires on their own. 

As BMW motorcycles dealers in Cleveland will tell you, BMW bikes vary widely. The diversity of their vehicles is one of the brand’s greatest strengths. It also means you should consult your owner’s manual or talk to a service professional to learn more about your bike’s specific maintenance timetable and needs.  

Count on us as your BMW motorcycles dealers in Cleveland

Most newer riders head to a motorcycles dealership in Cleveland when they need an oil change or more advanced service. But if you’ve been riding for a while, you probably enjoy doing quite a bit of vehicle maintenance on your own. Either way, our team has plenty to offer. 

Here at Johnny K’s, we can help you find BMW parts and accessories for vehicle maintenance. Our service department is also happy to perform any repair or regular maintenance you need. Speaking from experience, we know they love to talk shop–so if you’re looking to pick an expert’s brain about a maintenance project, our service team can answer all of your questions. 

As premier BMW motorcycles dealers in Cleveland, we’re here for you long after you drive your bike off our lot. Stop by for all your sales and service needs today!