Ride Like the Pros with KTM Motocross Bike

It’s no secret that KTM continues to dominate the off-road market. Professional Motocross riders have been winning championships on KTM bikes for years, and they’ve become increasingly popular among recreational riders as a result. You can always trust their Austrian engineering and sleek designs to elevate your off-road experience. 

KTM Motocross has won plenty of championships, and in 2021, KTM has continued to improve one of their flagship bikes, the 2021 KTM SX 450. If you’re looking for a motorcycle with eye-catching design with extremely compact, lightweight engineering, look no further than the 2021 KTM SX 450. Plus, it’s one of the fastest available. 

We’ve put together an overview of this incredible bike. If you’re looking for a 2021 KTM dirt bike to elevate your off-road performance, look no further than our showroom at Johnny K’s, the KTM Dealer Elyria trusts. We’re ready to help you find the perfect dirt bike, so stop on by for a test ride at any time. 

2021 KTM SX 450

Engineering of the 2021 KTM SX 450 

From its suspension to its engine, the SX 450 is impressive. It features an extremely compact frame and some of the best suspension technology available, including the WP Xact Fork. Because of its lightweight aluminum subframe, the SX 450 packs impressive power into a featherweight machine. 

Down to the connecting rod, the front suspension ensures you’ll have an incredibly smooth ride. Plus, the rear suspension features a WP Apex shock absorber. One of the best on the market, the DLC coated chassis is designed to reduce friction and maximize your performance.

Features like this are why KTM Motocross continues to win championships–professional riders feel comfortable on this bike, even in the roughest terrain. 

For a lightweight bike, the SX 450 features an impressive engine. The FDH flow design header maximizes performance and reduces unnecessary noise, and you can also customize the bike with numerous performance options. Additionally, the fuel injection system ensures the proper distribution of power at any point in the rev range. The 64hP engine makes this one of the fastest bikes you can find in this class. 

On top of world-class engineering, the SX 450 features an impressive design, including the classic KTM orange coating that so many riders love. Even the orange hour meter fits in seamlessly with this bike’s look. You’ll feel like a professional motocross racer on this bike, and you’ll turn heads because of the bike’s impressive looks. Many riders rave about how cool KTM dirt bikes look cruising through the woods in Elyria and throughout Ohio. 

Why Choose the SX 450 

You can trust anything that KTM makes, but this bike truly changes the game. With titanium valves, everything down to the air spring and clutch hub of this vehicle is high-quality. Plus, with customization options like rocker arms or a triple clamp, you can make sure your new 2021 KTM dirt bike meets all of your needs. 

We have the 2021 KTM SX 450 Cleveland riders have been raving about, so if you’re looking for a bike to truly elevate your performance, stop by for a test ride today. Our experienced sales professionals love KTM engineering – we’re proud to bring this storied, trustworthy brand to Ohio. We know you’ll love KTM dirt bikes as much as we do when you sit down on the 2021 KTM SX 450, so stop by any time to check out this impressive machine!