Make this Summer Special with Tige Boats !

You want to enjoy the summer, but you can’t decide what to do. You want a way to get together with family and friends. This summer doesn’t need to be boring, and it doesn’t have to be! But first, let’s introduce you to Tige Boats at Johnny K Sports – the ultimate waterskiing, dock diving, and fishing tools from the best Tige boat dealership in Ohio.

No matter which kind of water sport you enjoy, Tige Boats is your perfect choice. With Tige’s versatile designs and high-performance capabilities, your summer will never be boring again.

At Johnny K’s Powersports, we have a substantial selection of Tige Boats. There’s something for everyone. All you need to do is grab your summer gear, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Summer Fun With Your New Tige Boat

You found Johnny K’s Powersports by searching for boat dealers near me. You need to find the perfect Tige boat for you and start planning your most fantastic summer!

Plan a Dock and Dine Day

What better way to spend a Saturday than with friends, family and good food? Plan a dock and dine day with everyone in your life who loves boating just as much as you do. Start by picking up some delicious food from your favorite restaurant or grocery store, then head to the dock to eat it while enjoying the sunshine and water views! 

Plan Your Next Family Vacation

Tige Boats is quickly becoming one of the most popular boat brands in America for a good reason: they provide quality products that make it easy for you to enjoy the water. Whether you’re looking to take a short cruise or embark on an extended adventure, Tige boats have all the features you need to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Spend Time with Friends and Family

With so many people taking advantage of all that boated-based vacations offer, you must find ways to spend time with those closest to you while enjoying the great outdoors, whether it’s spending some quality time together. In contrast, fishing or simply enjoying each other’s company while relaxing on the deck are plenty of ways to make your next boating trip unforgettable.

Tige boat dealership in Ohio

Take Your Kids on a Family Adventure

Summer is the perfect time for fun family adventures! Take your kids on a ride on their first jet ski, or put them in their first tube with an inflatable boat. Show them how beautiful our state is with its natural beauty and wildlife. If you want something more relaxing than riding waves, take them out fishing or tubing down the river instead!


If you’ve ever wanted to ski behind a boat, now’s your chance! Tige has several options for water skiers looking for a thrill. Models like the 20XR feature an integrated swim platform that makes it easy to get in and out of the water. Plus, there’s no need to worry about getting wet — the boat comes with an enclosed engine compartment that keeps water out while you’re hiding behind the boat.


If fishing is more your style, look no further than Tige’s Sport Fish models. Available in bowrider and stern-drive configurations, these boats allow passengers to sit comfortably at their stations while maintaining a great view of the water around them. Plus, Sport Fish models come equipped with deep-V hulls that provide stability at high speeds and make handling rough water conditions much easier than other boats on the market today!

Tige Boats Make This Summer Special!

Tige boats are considered to be a world-class luxury! The name Tige is instantly recognizable in the world of watersports. It’s a brand that has been around for decades and has a reputation for building high-quality boats that are as fun to ride as they are to look at. Johnny K’s Powersports has Tige boats for sale in Ohio.

For example, the Tige Model 25ZX is a sleek, high-performance boat with excellent handling capabilities. This boat is perfect for people who want to take their family out on the water or enjoy some time on their own, and it has seating for up to 19 people. This model is 25 feet long and perfect for waterskiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing.

Summer is a great time to take advantage of the great weather and fun water activities! Tige Boats make the latest boats so you and your friends can have the best summer!

Johnny K’s Powersports is a Tige boat dealership in Ohio and has many models, including new and used Tige boats for sale. Check us out and find a suitable ride for you today!