Look and Feel Cool on a BMW R 18 Cruiser

By now, it’s probably clear that you can trust BMW for almost anything. Their cars are the epitome of class, and they make some of the world’s best motorcycles. It’s no surprise that people across Ohio are always impressed when they see a BMW logo on any type of vehicle. 

The BMW R 18 Cruiser combines an incredibly classy retro look with some of the best engineering the motorcycle market offers. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to look cool on the roads on a machine they can trust. 

BMW Motorrad makes some of the world’s best motorcycles, and we have all the BMW motorcycles Cleveland loves. If you’re interested in the BMW R 18 or any of our other impressive BMW products, stop by our dealership for a test drive any time! 

r18 cruiser 2020

R 18 Cruiser with 1.8-Liter Big Boxer Engine: The Basics 

The new 2021 R18 is an impressive piece of engineering and design. The new model features the most massive displacement boxer engine BMW has made. With a double-cradle steel frame and a fly that’s long and low, they’ve perfected the classic roadster design too. 

The 1,802cc horizontally opposed big boxer engine is the highest displacement boxer engine BMW has ever made. There’s more! With 91hp at 4,750rpm, this bike has plenty of power for you to get precisely where you need to go. 

The R18 Design 

With the 2021 R18, BMW went back to the basics and tried to emulate first-edition design. With double white-pinstripes and a chrome finish, the R 18 looks like a classic bike. The double loop steel frame is also a tribute to BMW’s classic design. In short, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to ride a retro-style bike like the 2021 R 18.

The R18’s Engineering and Features 

With more than 90 horsepower, you know this is a potent bike, especially for a cruiser. We wanted to dive a little deeper into the features and power of this incredible machine. 

With disc brakes, including a single disc in the rear and twin discs in the front, and ABS equipped as standard, the R18 can stop on a dime and has all the safety features you need. Plus, it features automatic stability control, reverse assist, adaptive turning, and hill start control, making for a smoother and safer ride. Multiple riding modes are a rarity in the retro market, but the R18 features three. With modes of rain, roll, and rock, you’ll be able to adapt to whatever road and weather conditions you might face. 

The R 18’s suspension is incredibly advanced, too. The cantilever suspension strut ensures maximum wheel control for a smooth ride. Plus, the telescopic fork with 1.9-inch fork sleeves makes the front suspension even more robust than we had expected. The engine drag torque control is perfect for slippery conditions too. 

We’ll Help You Find the Right BMW 

The R 18 cruiser, with a 1.8-liter big boxer engine, is one of BMW’s finest accomplishments. We know that once you sit down on this bike, there’s no way you’ll be disappointed. 

If you’re interested in this impeccably designed and classically engineered bike, stop by our Lodi store. If you live closer to Cleveland, we can always make accommodations to suit you. We promise that you’ll turn heads cruising around any Ohio area with this retro-style motorcycle. Our associates are here to help you. We’re proud to carry this incredibly dependable brand, so stop by our dealership to learn more today!