Have you been looking for Scarab Boats for Sale?

With warm weather just ahead on the horizon, we’re ready to get out on the water. After all, is there a better feeling than zipping across the lake in a hot new boat? After a long winter stuck at home, it’s time for some fresh air. If you’re looking for a new boat, you’re in luck–we have outstanding Scarab boats for sale for all your marine needs.

Manufactured by Wellcraft, Scarab boats are some of the best recreational watercraft available today. Across Ohio, marine enthusiasts continue to look for quality, affordable Scarab offshore boats because these products are dependable and powerful. 

scarab boats for sale

Scarab specializes in jet boats, with a full-line of powerful speed boats and two outstanding fishing models. We have a wide selection of Scarab speed boats, and whether you’re new to hitting the lake or an experienced marine enthusiast, our experienced customer representatives are here to help you find the right boat for you. 

As the best Scarab boat dealers in Ohio, we put together this guide to choosing the right Scarab for you. As always, feel free to stop by with any questions you might have!

New vs. Used

When you’re looking to buy a boat, you can always depend on a new Scarab from Johnny K’s Powersports. We’re proud of our work bringing premium recreational boats to marine enthusiasts in Ohio, and we stand by our products 100%. When you buy one of our new Wellcraft Scarab boats for sale, you know you’re getting an outstanding product. 

If you’re thinking about getting a used boat, we recommend looking into the full history of the boat’s usage. Was it driven primarily in saltwater or freshwater? How old is the boat? How often did the previous user ride it? Are there any visible signs of rusting or wear? These are all important questions to consider when buying a used personal watercraft. If you buy new, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Choosing Between Different Scarab Boats for Sale

Scarab produces six different boats–four standard speed boats and two fishing models. We have both kinds of Scarab boats for sale right now including a great deal on a brand new 2020 Scarab fishing boat. 

Scarab’s most affordable boat is the speedy 165 ID, which has enough room for 5 people and boasts a sticker price right around $30,000. You can’t beat that price for a new boat. Plus, it fits in most garages on the Scarab trailer, a must-have accessory for any boater. The Scarab 195 ID is slightly larger and more powerful, but still incredibly affordable. Particularly if you’re new to the world of personal watercraft, this vehicle could be perfect for you. 

For riders who are more experienced or are looking for more space, consider the Scarab 200 series. The 215ID and 255ID can hold 10 and 13 people respectively–that’s a lot of space for a speed boat!

Finally, we know that plenty of you here in Ohio love to fish. With Scarab, you’re in luck. The Scarab 255 ID–one of our favorites–and the Scarab 285ID offer the same speed and power you expect from a jet boat. Plus, they’re fully equipped for your next fishing adventure!

e of our favorite things about Scarab boats is their versatility and customization options. They offer a full range of customizable color schemes, luxurious interior options, and added power. With Scarab, you can build the boat of your dreams. 

Learn More About Scarab Boats

Is it time for you to upgrade your summertime ride? If so, Scarab offshore boats could be perfect for you. If you’re interested in learning more about our Scarab boats for sale right here in Ohio, stop by our Johnny K’s showroom to see their impressive design and power for yourself today!On