Find your new BMW motorcycle at Johnny K’s Powersports

For decades, car owners and motorcycle riders alike have seen BMW as an elite, prestigious brand. Owners of any BMW vehicle typically rave about how their vehicle handles on the road, and people everywhere are impressed when they see a BMW on the roads.

Founded in 1916, BMW initially produced airplane engines until 1918 and again in the 1930s. Many people don’t know that BMW didn’t produce cars until the late 1920s, but they built their first motorcycle in 1923. Today, everyone knows that BMW makes some of the highest-quality automobiles in the world, but fewer know that they started out as an airplane parts and motorcycle manufacturer.

In the 1960s, BMW became one of the world’s leading sports car producers, and car owners have trusted their German engineering for its power and efficiency ever since. The BMW group includes the Mini and Rolls Royce car brands and the BMW Motorrad motorcycle brand, a name that captures all the power their motorcycles have to offer.

BMW has been a pioneer in the motorcycle market since they began building them shortly following World War I. They’ve innovated in everything from new, smoother suspension systems to electronic stability control. In 2018, they even introduced one of the first self-driving motorcycles. We know that most of you want a motorcycle you can control fully on the road. Nevertheless, we think their advancements are impressive.

At Johnny K’s Powersports, we are proud to be the best BMW motorcycle dealer Lodi offers. We have every BMW motorcycle Lodi loves, and whether you’re looking for an entry level bike or a product that professionals use, you can count on us to find a motorcycle that works for you. Below is an overview of some of the things we love about BMW motorcycle, from their great urban mobility to their flat twin engine.


Finding the right BMW Motorcycle

BMW offers a solid line of street bikes, from touring bikes to sport and adventure bikes. We sell dozens of different entry level and advanced bikes for all types of riders. Their R and K series tour bikes are perfect for those looking to maximize urban mobility here in Ohio or take a longer road trip. These durable, powerful bikes are perfect for any rider who’s looking for leisure. BMW also offers great options for more experienced riders looking for a sports tourer with some next-level power.

Professional racers count on BMW’s sports brands, and experienced riders love them. One of our favorites is the BMW S 1000RR, a roadster that boasts 205hp and has grown lighter and leaner as BMW refined the model.

We hear from people every day about how much they want a bike that they can ride on the highway to their favorite destination and use for a great experience on the trails once they get there. BMW Adventure bikes get the job done for anyone looking for one of the best dual sports motorcycles. The S 1000XR remains one of their most popular models, but we carry of their R and F-line dual sports motorcycles as well. While riders know BMW for their incredibly reliable street bikes, their adventure bikes perform well off road as well.


The Unparalleled Technology of BMW Motorcycles

As we’ve said, BMW has been a pioneer in motorcycle technology for nearly 100 years. That’s why we know you can trust their brand. Their twin-cylinder boxer engine has been a staple of their bikes for 100 years, and they continue to refine the technology for greater precision and efficiency. BMW produced their first motorcycle with a flat twin engine, which is still the backbone of their R series. Their bikes feature multiple cooling mechanisms after making primarily air-cooled engines for many models in the past.

The same things that drive car enthusiasts to buy a BMW attract motorcycle riders as well. Their efficiency, prestige, power, and technology are unmatched in the motorcycle industry. We’re proud to sell their products.


Johnny K’s Can Help You Find the Right BMW Motorcycle (2013 BMW)

As the BMW motorcycle dealer Lodi riders count on, we make sure to stock an extensive array of new BMW motorcycles. BMW Motorrad remains one of the most storied brands in Powersports, and we’re proud to help riders find the right bike for them from a brand that truly cares about them.

For entry level and experienced riders alike, we also offer an extensive used inventory of motorcycles, including BMW. These options are more affordable, but we back them with our guarantee. Here at Johnny K’s, we believe in honest, high-quality service, and that means making sure every pre-owned motorcycle we sell is a durable, high-quality product for our customers.

Those who want a BMW motorcycle Lodi loves should stop by our location to learn more—and if you’re not in the Lodi area, we have shops in Cleveland and Niles as well. Wherever you are, we’re ready to help you find the BMW motorcycle you love.