The BMW Motorcycle Dealer Ohio Riders Trust

If you’re a BMW motorcycle owner, you’re probably pretty proud. BMW remains one of the best and most prestigious car and motorcycle brands in the world. And with the best accessories, you’ll be able to show your BMW pride and ensure you’re fully prepared for your next adventure. We’re the BMW motorcycle dealer Ohio trusts,…

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Service Tips and Tricks from BMW Motorcycles Dealers in Cleveland

BMW motorcycles dealers in Cleveland

Here at Johnny K’s, we think BMW motorcycles are special. We know you agree–countless riders tell us every day that they want to make sure their bikes live as long as possible. As proud BMW motorcycles dealers in Cleveland, we want to support you long after you purchase a bike from us. That’s why today,…

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Complete BMW Motorcycle Buying Guide 2021

BMW has always been one of the most trustworthy brands in Powersports. Whether you’re looking for a legendary off-road bike or a new touring motorcycle, BMW has got you covered. Their impressive designs and impeccable engineering consistently earn them high marks from riders across the world.  Our team of BMW motorcycle experts here at Johnny…

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Look and Feel Cool on a BMW R 18 Cruiser

bmw r18 cruiser

By now, it’s probably clear that you can trust BMW for almost anything. Their cars are the epitome of class, and they make some of the world’s best motorcycles. It’s no surprise that people across Ohio are always impressed when they see a BMW logo on any type of vehicle.  The BMW R 18 Cruiser…

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Find out what’s new in 2020 at BMW

2020 bmw

The coronavirus has changed virtually everything about our world. One thing has remained consistent: BMW has continued to raise the bar with its 2020 motorcycles. Here at Johnny K’s, we’re committed to helping you find a 2020 BMW Motorcycle you’ll love – even in the middle of a pandemic.  While BMW did not have a…

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BMW Street Bikes: Versatility and Power in Engineering


Car owners and motorcycle enthusiasts have always loved BMW. Can you blame them? Anyone who sees the BMW brand on a bike or a car will be impressed and know they can trust the vehicle’s long-term durability. Since the 1960s, sports car owners have loved BMW’s German engineering. At that time, BMW gained a reputation…

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Find your new BMW motorcycle at Johnny K’s Powersports

For decades, car owners and motorcycle riders alike have seen BMW as an elite, prestigious brand. Owners of any BMW vehicle typically rave about how their vehicle handles on the road, and people everywhere are impressed when they see a BMW on the roads. Founded in 1916, BMW initially produced airplane engines until 1918 and…

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