5 Reasons to Buy a CFMoto ATV this Spring

With spring and summer almost here, now is the time to purchase your next ATV (or your first!).

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! CFMoto is a leading manufacturer of affordable, high-quality off-road vehicles that can do it all. Whether you’re taking on that mud hole with your two-seater or transporting a load of logs from the forest to the homestead, there’s a CFMoto for everyone! Buying a CFMoto UForce/ZForce SXS ATV is best to make riding affordable again.

What makes CFMoto ATV a better ride? Its proprietary technology provides consumers with the lowest operating costs and best performance. Learn more about how its technology improves your ride by exploring the below features of CFMoto ATVs and SxS.

1. CFMoto ATVs Are Affordable

CFMoto offers one of the most affordable ATVs on the market today. The best thing about CFMoto ATVs is that they are affordable for people just getting started with ATVs and those who have been riding for a long time. CFMoto ATVs are also very durable, which means that you can save money by buying an affordable model that lasts many years, instead of spending thousands of dollars more on another brand.

2. CFMoto ATVs are Durable

CFMoto ATVs have the power and durability to handle rugged terrain and demanding jobs. When it comes to power on rough terrain, CFMoto leads the pack.

You want a comfortable ride that can handle your daily chores and still be ready for adventure when you want it. CFMotos’ ergonomically designed seats combined with their smooth suspension systems ensure that you’ll be comfortable all day long.


3. CFMoto ATVs Feature Powerful Engines

CFMoto builds its own engine line. The engines are powerful, long-lasting, and fuel-efficient. You won’t be disappointed in the performance of your CFMoto ATV. CFMoto ATVs feature powerful engines. Whether you’re looking for something small and agile or large and powerful, CFMoto has a model for you. The CForce 400 features a fuel-injected engine that produces 32 horsepower, while the CForce 800 puts out 60 horses — more than enough power for just about any situation.

4. Maintenance is Easy for CFMoto ATVs

If you’re like most riders, when you buy an ATV, you want to be able to jump on it and go without worrying about a thing. That’s precisely what you get with a CFMoto ATV. These machines are built with convenience in mind and are very simple to maintain.

You can easily change the oil on your CFMoto ATV, for example, and everything is right there in front of you — no need to look all over the place for the filter or drain plug. Maintenance on a CFMoto ATV also doesn’t require much time or money, which we’ll talk about next.

5. CFMoto ATVs Are Loaded With Features

They’re loaded with features. For one thing, the value you get for the price is astounding. No matter how you slice it, CFMotos are an excellent value — right up there with other machines in their class, sometimes even more so. But they don’t just save you money; they also come loaded with standard features that can cost a lot more on other brands.

That includes robust 2-inch front and rear hitch receivers that can handle a 2,000-pound load rating. You’ll also find 2-inch front and rear receiver tubes for the winch that comes standard on the ZForce 800EX EPS model, and a 4500-pound winch is standard on the Force 800EX (also available as an accessory for other models).

A rear hydraulic disc brake system (on select models) makes it easy to stop on uneven terrain and when hauling trailers or heavy loads. And the ride-by-wire throttle system is a must for any serious ATV rider: It’s smoother than cable throttles and provides a better feel for your machine.

Now Is the Time To Make Your Spring ATV Purchase

The snow is melting, and the weather is getting warmer, which means the season for ATVs is here! We’re talking about an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) from CFMoto.

CFMoto vehicles feature powerful engines that can withstand rugged terrains and conditions. Technology, such as a data acquisition system (DAS) and automatic centrifugal clutch, also makes for a better ride for you.

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